Bill Rushmore wrote:
> On Mon, 6 Mar 2006, Jim Grisanzio wrote:
>>* For those who are thinking about contributing code, what can we do to
>>   help you get started? Would more oss-bite-size bugs help?
> More oss-bite-size would be nice.  I also have a couple of suggestions for
> the bug list.  One is to make sure the bug status is accurate.  I worked
> on a bite size bug only to find after I submited it that it is was already
> taken care of.  I would also like to see a way to search on bugs by skill
> needed since the code base is so large and diverse.  For example, I would
> like to work on Java stuff since that is my background and I certainly
> wouldn't mind working on things like smc, etc.
We've definitely been kicking around some ideas about making more 
oss-bite-size bugs available and providing better/clearer information 
about them on the site.

Would something like the table I've just created at help? I need to 
work out the answers to many additional questions surrounding this table 
-- the least of which is how often I can reasonably update the table -- 
soon, but wanted to get some early feedback on it.

As we've already discussed, there are a number of features that are part 
of that we want to change. In the meantime, I'd 
like to workaround some of them for oss-bite-size.

Please provide comments ideas about this and other ways we can help make 
the community code contribution process better.



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