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The code for bugs.opensolaris.org (and bugs.sun.com) are not 
sophisticated enough to be able to do this. The application we use 
currently shares the same code base as bugs.sun.com. Because Suggested 
Fix often contains code that isn't open sourced (at least for the Java 
bugs), this is not a field they ever want displayed. We could 
(potentially) do this if we split the code base, but that is a 
*significant* amount of work that we don't have the resources for right now.

We're definitely still investigating having this done by the group that 
owns the application, but we're also focusing on the next-generation bug 
tracking functionality to address all of our needs.

- Karyn

Valerie Anne Bubb wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Mar 2006, Artem Kachitchkine wrote:
>>> How would it determine which bugs those fields can be exported for?
>>> We can't do it for all bugs, since some contain source which cannot
>>> be disclosed publically.
>> It's not an unsolvable problem. E.g. there could be a special field 
>> accessible only from Sun, that the sponsor would set.
> Why can't we just export the Suggested Fix field we have
> internally?  These are all oss-bitesize bugs, so the code is
> out there already. (I know we can't present Suggested Fix
> for *all* bugs).
> Valerie

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