Thanks for the update, Dana.  For lack of a better way to do this, I
left 6468816 on the list and moved it to the Integrated section and
referenced the 'real' bug ID in the build column.  That seemed more
logical than citing the 'real' bug but perhaps not :-)

Dana H. Myers wrote On 03/08/06 12:31,:
> Rob Benson reported CR 6368816, an issue in the Intel-maintained ACPI CA 
> source.
> I forwarded the report to Bob Moore at Intel, and a subsequent release 
> of ACPI CA
> source incorporates the suggested changes.
> CR 6368816 itself is technically a duplicate of CR 6354619 - update to 
> the 20060217
> release of Intel ACPI CA source, and has been closed as such.  It was an 
> oversight
> to not mention Rob in the putback email.
> However, Rob Benson deserves credit for reporting this issue, which has 
> now been
> fixed for not only Solaris, but all Intel ACPI CA clients (FreeBSD, 
> Linux and MacOS).
> Thanks -
> Dana
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