Bonnie Corwin wrote:
> Thanks for the update, Dana.  For lack of a better way to do this, I
> left 6468816 on the list and moved it to the Integrated section and
> referenced the 'real' bug ID in the build column.  That seemed more
> logical than citing the 'real' bug but perhaps not :-)

Sounds good to me.  Thanks for taking of this.


> Dana H. Myers wrote On 03/08/06 12:31,:
>> Rob Benson reported CR 6368816, an issue in the Intel-maintained ACPI CA 
>> source.
>> I forwarded the report to Bob Moore at Intel, and a subsequent release 
>> of ACPI CA
>> source incorporates the suggested changes.
>> CR 6368816 itself is technically a duplicate of CR 6354619 - update to 
>> the 20060217
>> release of Intel ACPI CA source, and has been closed as such.  It was an 
>> oversight
>> to not mention Rob in the putback email.
>> However, Rob Benson deserves credit for reporting this issue, which has 
>> now been
>> fixed for not only Solaris, but all Intel ACPI CA clients (FreeBSD, 
>> Linux and MacOS).
>> Thanks -
>> Dana
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