Thanks to Juergen Keil, Richard Lowe, and Rob Benson for these four bug 
fixs below and to Dan Mick, Dan Price, Dana Myers, and Rao Shoaib for 
sponsoring the fixs through to putback:

Putback 40
ID: 6311025
Descr: build_reserved_irqlist ignores irq15 info
Submitted by Juergen Keil on 08/15/05
Sun Sponsor: Dan Mick
Putback to Nevada 35 on 2/17/06

Putback 41
ID: 4823583
Descr: crontab command prints incorrect usage
Submitted by Richard Lowe on 11/09/05
Sun Sponsor: Dan Price
Putback to Nevada 36 on 2/28/06

Putback 42
ID: 6368816
Descr: acpica: extra backslash in ACPI_STATE_COMMON,
Submitted by Rob Benson on 1/6/06
Sun Sponsor: Dana Myers
Putback as ID 6354619 to Nevada 36 on 3/3/06

Putback 43
ID: 6292282
Descr: in.ndpd seems to be upset by rabbits
Submitted by Richard Lowe on 2/17/06
Sun Sponsor: Rao Shoaib
Putback to Nevada 36 on 3/9/06

So, we have a total of 89 code contributions offered, 43 have been 
integrated, 18 are in progress, and 3 are awaiting sponsors.

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