Thanks to Rich Lowe and Robert Milkowski for these two bug fixes below 
and to Sarah Jelinek and Darren Moffat for sponsoring the fixes through 
to putback. Also note that Robert's led to an ARC case.

Putback #44
ID: 62217306
Desc: ufs_log mdb module needs to be merged with the ufs one
Submitted by Richard Lowe on 2/17/06    
Sun Sponsor: Sarah Jelinek
Putback to Nevada 37 on 3/14/06

Putback #45
ID: 6276934
Desc: ability import destroyed pools
Associated PSARC case: 2006/082 zpool import destroyed pools
Submitted by Robert Milkowski on 2/6/06
Sun Sponsor: Darren Moffat
Putback to Nevada 37 on 3/16/06


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