On 3/8/06, Karyn Ritter <Karyn.Ritter at sun.com> wrote:
> Would something like the table I've just created at
> http://www.opensolaris.org/os/bug_reports/oss_bite_size/ help? I need to

Very nice view of what is out there.

> Please provide comments ideas about this and other ways we can help make
> the community code contribution process better.

My initial reactions are:

1) Presumably a "responsible engineer" means that something is
happening.  This should probably be made clear that the ones that are
not being worked are those without a responsible engineer.   Also, if
there is some correlation between this and the status column, that
would be good to know.

2) A column saying which community member(s) are working on it may be nice.

3) Ability to filter - a person wanting to learn about smf may want to
filter just on SMF bugs.

So far I have tried to work on a couple different items but by the
time that I hit request-sponsor (each time less than a day after
starting work on the bug/rfe) I have found that someone within Sun was
already working on what I had taken up.  Generally, the things that I
will pick up will be a weekend passtime when an immediate response on
request-sponsor is least likely.


Mike Gerdts

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