Mike Gerdts wrote:
> 1) Presumably a "responsible engineer" means that something is
> happening.  

Not necessarily - I'm currently the responsible engineer in the bug db for 142
bugs & RFE's, some of which have been assigned to me for 5 years or more.
Being human and only having 24 hours in a day, I'm actually working on a
fraction of those at any given time.

It mostly just means that either the engineer volunteered to look at it when
they get a chance or their manager assigned them to look at it when they get a
chance.   The higher the priority, the sooner they should do that, and more
likely they're actually doing so already.   (Though there's also the popular
exception that sometimes the low priority get fixed quickly because you file
them with a low priority to avoid setting off alarms even though you know you're
going to fix right away anyways, and that if something goes wrong and your
fix gets stalled, it shouldn't be on the list of high-priority bugs holding
the release.)

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