Hi Rao,

> All you would have to do is add support for the card and test it in your 
> setup. After that you can submit the code to be included in Solaris. 

I see.  I've now located the latest sources for the (now
Broadcom-supported) tg3 driver for Linux, which does support the Broadcom
5901.  I expect to be able to learn what changes are necessary to bge(7D)
from that code, without having to take a single line of code.  Broadcom
dropped support for their old bcme driver on Linux some time ago.

> Before your changes are incorportaed we will do an internal code review 
> and testing.

Obviously.  Reading through the dev guide and the onbld man pages, I get a
pretty good idea what is necessary to get there.  With Dan Price's
http://cr.grommit.com/ site, it should be easy to make webrev's available
for review.

In the meantime, I was reminded of HCTS for proper stress testing the
modified driver.  Unfortunately, that toolkit is a nightmare security-wise
since it opens up your machine in an unacceptable way.  I'll probably just
run the network tests manually once I get there.

> Feel free to contact me if you have more questions.

Will do, thanks.


Rainer Orth, Faculty of Technology, Bielefeld University

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