I'd like to be sponsored for bug #618028

I've had a look in the code, and as specified in the bug report, the returned 
value of uu_msprintf() is not checked in method.c 
(http://cvs.opensolaris.org/source/xref/on/usr/src/cmd/svc/startd/method.c , 
line 514)

Another thing I think may be a bug, cmd, which receives the value of 
uu_msprintf(), is not uu_free'd.(*)

There is another place where uu_msprintf()'s return value is not checked, in 
(http://cvs.opensolaris.org/source/xref/on/usr/src/cmd/svc/startd/graph.c line 

Last thing, in svccfg_libscf.c 
 line 7641), str = uu_msprintf("%llu", c); five lines later, you can see 
free(str). I think it should be uu_free(str). I don't feel this may be 
important. (*)

(*) these are not part of the bug report, but may be corrected in the same time 


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