No, sorry.  We did a bunch of research on the shrillest, most annoying tone 
we could fine and it's hard-coded ;).


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From:  Shawn Walker <>
Subj:  [request-sponsor] Re:  disable console bell in the kernel
Date:  Sat Jul 1, 2006 11:22 am
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> > Doug Scott wrote:
>  The appropriate ioctl
>  KBD_CMD_BELL and KBD_CMD_NOBELL are already in
>  sys/kbd.h.
> Those ioctls don't make it so the bell doesn't
>  sound
>  in the future - they
> are used for sounding the bell.   In the X server,
>  to
>  make a 100ms beep,
>  we do:
>       kbdCmd = KBD_CMD_BELL;
>       ioctl(fd, KIOCCMD, &kbdCmd)
>       sleep for 100ms
>       kbdCmd = KBD_CMD_NOBELL;
>       ioctl(fd, KIOCCMD, &kbdCmd)
>  You'ld need to add new ones to make a keyboard bell
>  disabling command.
> h, this would confirm my testing issues so far. My
> confusion comes from the wording (below) in the file
> common/io/conskbd.c. Looks ioctls commands like
> required. 

I don't think I'd mind the bell so much if there were some way to control the 
volume of it! The bell exists on other operating systems at the console, but I 
don't remember being nearly as loud as it is in Solaris. I don't suppose there 
is already a way to do that, or a way that could be finagled in with this, is 
there? :)

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