Thanks to Ruben Rabadan, Richard Lowe, Peter Tribble, Mike Gerdts and
Stephen Potter for these fixes and to Ienup Sung, Sarah Jelinek, Dave
Miner, Dan Price and Cynthia Eastham for sponsoring the work through to
putback.  114 fixes have been integrated, 37 have sponsors and 18 are
awaiting sponsors:

Putback 110     
ID: 6441907     
Desc: Latin American keyboard layout support at OS is needed
Submitted on 7/10/06 by Ruben Rabadan
Sun Sponsor: Ienup Sung
Putback to Nevada 45 (7/14/06)

Putback 111     
ID: 6276925     
Desc: option to sort 'zfs list' output  
Submitted on 2/17/06 by Richard Lowe
Sun Sponsor: Sarah Jelinek
Putback to Nevada 45 (7/17/06)

Putback 112     
ID: 6415252     
Desc: srchcfile could be improved
Submitted on 4/29/06 by Peter Tribble
Sun Sponsor: Dave Miner
Putback to Nevada 45 (7/17/06)

Putback 113     
ID: 6431807     
Desc: zoneadmd should daemonize itself into a new contract
Submitted on 6/20/06 by Mike Gerdts
Sun Sponsor: Dan Price  
Putback to Nevada 45 (7/17/06)

Putback 114     
ID: 6438090     
Desc: *cmp* cmp -s -s is not the same as cmp -s
Submitted on 7/6/06 by Stephen Potter
Sun Sponsor: Cynthia Eastham    
Putback to Nevada 45 (7/17/06)

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