Hi Richard,

  The fix for this bug was integrated on 12th Dec 2005. :-(

The bug status at 
shows "in progress".  That is because the bug has not been updated since 
the integration.

  These bugs (6238818 & 6312880) does not have "oss-bite-size" keyword.  If
this keyword is not present, then it might be a good idea to first check
the status before spending valuable time on developing fix for such bugs.  

  The next obvious question is "how to check?".  Maybe on this alias
itself.  Anybody has any idea on how to go about this?


On Tue, 3 Jan 2006 20:31 -0500, Richard Lowe wrote:

}Patch for bug: 6238818 traceroute -s always reports an error.
}  http://richlowe.net/patches/6238818.diff
}6312880 is the same issue I assume, and is closed duplicate of this,
}but has a description more useful than "See comments", so is the one I was
}specifically looking at, apologies if they differ.
}-- Rich.
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