Greetings -
I started working on a patch for swap.c according to the following
feature request:

For now it's working only with the -s option:
babe>./swap -s
total: 72480k bytes allocated + 14840k reserved = 87320k used, 463352k available
babe>./swap -hs
total:   71M allocated +  15M reserved =   71M used,  452M available

This is only a start, it's not very easy to patch this program because
it is not very well designed, especially because the program don't
parse all the command line before doing the action associated with an
Thus, -sh will NOT work because -s will be read before -h and doswap()
will be called without the hflag set.

My work is only starting. As it's my first contribution to the
OpenSolaris project, i'm not really sure of what I'm doing.
I've attached the diff file to apply to usr/src/cmd/swap/swap.c.
I would like to know if the work i've done is acceptable for you and
if I can continue working on this patch.

Thanks a lot.
Thomas Lecomte --
Unix User & Developer
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