I opened an RFE related to this earlier today, but I have not received any
indication what the RFE number is.   Here is a what the RFE says:

zoneadm clone is a great feature  However, it could be faster and more space
efficient if it were to bring in the zfs feature set.  Currently the command

zoneadm -z target clone template

performs a "find | cpio" to copy the data.  However, it would be much more
time, space, and performance efficient for it to have a "zfsclone" method.

The general algorithm for the new copy_zone_zfs() would be:

zfs snapshot <fs mounted at zonepath of source_zone>@zone-SUNWzone-<newzone>
zfs clone <snapshot from above> <pool>/SUNWzone-<newzone>
zfs setmountpoint=<zonepath of newzone> <pool>/SUNWzone-<newzone>

Presumably the zfs commands above would really be implemented through the
zfs API.

I have implemented what I describe above, using the appropriate calls to
libzfs.  Here is a zone creation in less than 1 second on an Ultra 2:

# time ksh -x /var/tmp/clone
+ newzone=fast
+ template=template
+ zoneadm=/ws/usr/src/cmd/zoneadm/zoneadm
+ PATH=/usr/bin:/usr/sbin
+ zonecfg -z fast create -t template
+ zonecfg -z fast set zonepath=/zones/fast
+ /ws/usr/src/cmd/zoneadm/zoneadm -z fast clone -m zfsclone template
Cloning zonepath /zones/template...

real    0m0.922s
user    0m0.128s
sys     0m0.171s

I have a little bit of cleaning before it is ready for others.  Also, I
would like to get "zoneadm uninstall" to be smart enough to just destory the
clone and snapshot if it was created with this mechanism.


Mike Gerdts
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