On Sun 19 Feb 2006 at 08:59PM, Jerry Jelinek wrote:
> Mike,
> There is already an RFE open for this:
> 6383119 RFE: add support for using zfs clones when cloning a zone
> and we are in the middle of active development on this feature already.
> The code we have will automatically create zfs filesystems when you
> install new zones, will destroy the zfs filesystem when you uninstall
> the zone and will automatically clone the zone using the appropriate
> technique based upon the source and target filesystems.  We'll be
> starting the architectural review process for these new features
> shortly.  Once those have been approved by the ARC process, the code
> should be available within the open solaris source tree.
> If you are interested, we can take this over to the zones-interest
> alias

(zones-discuss, that is  :)  )

Jerry-- I think it'd make a lot of sense to rope Mike in on your
writeup-- the one you passed to David and I, and get his feedback before
we go to ARC; he's done a lot of thinking on this.

And Mike-- if you are planning to work more on zones (which we would
love) maybe we can coordinate with you, so we're not duplicating work?

We'd also appreciate hearing your thoughts on what we could be doing
to make zones more useful for you and your business.

The zones team is meeting all week this week to work face to face (we
are usually a distributed team) so we'll be planning out the next
couple of months of enhancements-- now is a good time to influence
our thinking :)


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