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I have a fix for a long-standing bug in logadm. I reported this bug to
Sun in February 2005 and simply got the run-around.

Recently, I downloaded the source from opensolaris.org, found that the
bug was still present - and fixed it. I then discovered that someone
else (mark) had submitted a bug report way before me (29-MAY-2003).

The fix is quite simple (a single effective line):

diff main.c.orig main.c
<       if (opts_count(opts, "s") && stbuf.st_size < opts_optarg_int(opts, "s"))
>       /* even if size condition is not met, this entry is now "done" */
>       if (opts_count(opts, "s") && stbuf.st_size < opts_optarg_int(opts, 
> "s")) {
>               Donenames = lut_add(Donenames, fname, "1");
>         }

The explanation of what the problem is and why this fix works is a bit
more complicated.

I'm happy to provide anything and everything you might require, but
I'm trying to keep this email brief in case I get no response.

While our attention is on logadm, there is another bug which I have
reported before, but which also seems to have been ignored. 

Please let me know how to proceed.


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