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Valerie Anne Bubb wrote:
> On Thu, 6 Apr 2006, Stephen Potter wrote:
>>> * Would it be better to have a table with
>>>  oss-bite-size bugs that might be available
>>> to work on with a link to others that aren't?
>> Absolutely. It is still difficult to determine what should
>> or shouldn't be worked on and what is already being
>> worked on.  I'm guessing that anything from "Fix Available"
>> to "Closed" is done (and just "fluff" on a bug page), "Fix In
>> Progress" presumably means someone is actively working on
>> it, but what about "Fix Understood" or "Cause Known".
> In general, Fix Understood & Cause Known mean just that -
> that someone understands what needs to be done (or what
> is causing the problem), but hasn't fixed it yet. Of course,
> from this alone you can't tell if they are working on it or not.
> People are supposed to assign themselves to a bug once
> they start working on it, but that doesn't always happen
> (and the reverse happens, too, where we assign a bug but
> ther person really has no time to look at it).
>> There are several bugs in there that are really easy
>> (particularly typoes or poor status messages) that even
>> someone without a huge coding background (like myself...)
>> could fix, but I don't want to waste effort if someone has
>> already done it.
> Once you are assigned to work on a bug, your Sponsor should
> make that clear in our bugtracking tool, so nobody else
> tries to pick it up.
> Valerie

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