I would like a sponsor to fix bug 4838106.

Details and diffs (revised file is easier, actually) at

(Forgot on the previous one, but...) Contributor Agreement OS0019

1. 4838106

The problem is that /usr/ucb/df blindly adds "-F ufs" whenever "-i" is
specified. So, I have 2 variables which track whether -i and -F have
been specified. Then I prepend "-F ufs" only if -i has been specified
but -F hasn't.

There are 3 other changes:

 - The -a check has been removed, as it's clearly superfluous.

 - The main loop simply shifts the arguments, avoiding the monkeying
around with expr. As a result, it's much quicker when any arguments are

 - The resulting command is simply execed

I have used this as my personal df for several years now, with no
problems. (It's something I use often, hence the speedups.)

-Peter Tribble
L.I.S., University of Hertfordshire - http://www.herts.ac.uk/
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