I'd like to find sponsors for the following bugs:

6409228 typo in aclutils.h
6409251 typo in stmsboot
6409254 variables in svc-syseventd
6409257 /vfstab isn't properly aligned

and also the following (which I think I've already submitted to
bugs.opensolaris.org, but never received a CR id):

??????? typo in bge_chip2.c

The CRs already contain pointers to webrevs with the fixes.

I've just faxed in my contributor agreement, but haven't received the
reference number yet.  There's also a question about the agreement: when
assigning the copyright for my patches to GCC etc. to the FSF, I had to
include a copyright disclaimer signed by our dean.  Although I've developed
the fixes above (and others to be submitted shortly) in my own spare time,
I've partially used university equipment to do so.  I've found no mention
of such a requirement on


but would like to get confirmation that none is necessary.


Rainer Orth, Faculty of Technology, Bielefeld University

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