As already mentioned in this thread, I've recently found and fixed a
considerable number of issues with SUNWonbld:

The corresponding CRs are

6412892 nightly needs $SUNWSPRO/bin in PATH
6412893 SUNWonbld should install into /opt/SUNWonbld
6414822 don't try to build packages with closed components
6343373 ignores existing DMAKE_MAX_JOBS
6414830 SUNWonbld should install missing files
6414832 SUNWonbld gk account should use gid 0
5016238 nightly should be more conservative in clobbering logs
6414833 SUNWonbld should use /opt as BASEDIR
6414837 protocmp doesn't handle .v on sparc
6410467 typo in protolist.c
6414843 SUNWonbld shouldn't install sgml man pages
6414844 SUNWonbld should use protocmp
6414845 groff reports warnings in SUNWonbld man pages
6414851 bldenv should set -d from env file
6414855 make clobber doesn't
6414860 SUNWonmtst.? packages shouldn't refer to Sun-internal mailing list

Many of the CRs already contain pointers to webrevs with the changes, so
I'm now looking for a sponsor to help integrate them.

The contributor agreement was just faxed, but I'm still awaiting the
reference number.


Rainer Orth, Faculty of Technology, Bielefeld University

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