Rainer Orth wrote:
> I'd like to find sponsors for the following bugs:
> 6409228 typo in aclutils.h
> 6409251 typo in stmsboot
> 6409254 variables in svc-syseventd
> 6409257 /vfstab isn't properly aligned
> and also the following (which I think I've already submitted to
> bugs.opensolaris.org, but never received a CR id):
> ??????? typo in bge_chip2.c
That somehow got lost in the shuffle -- sorry about that.

6415366 is the bugID.

> The CRs already contain pointers to webrevs with the fixes.
> I've just faxed in my contributor agreement, but haven't received the
> reference number yet.  There's also a question about the agreement: when
> assigning the copyright for my patches to GCC etc. to the FSF, I had to
> include a copyright disclaimer signed by our dean.  Although I've developed
> the fixes above (and others to be submitted shortly) in my own spare time,
> I've partially used university equipment to do so.  I've found no mention
> of such a requirement on
>       http://www.opensolaris.org/os/about/sun_contributor_agreement/
> but would like to get confirmation that none is necessary.
I'll ask the lawyers about that...



> Regards.
>       Rainer
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