Here are the csh bugs I see from

4635088  *csh* /usr/bin/csh dumps core with incomplete while or if expression
1139642  *csh* csh time does not display fractions of a second
4499198  *csh* csh accepts bad arguments
6346576  *csh* csh is unable to handle operands greater than 2G or 2147483647
1128254  *csh* csh uses gethostname with MAXHOSTNAME=64 instead of 256
1191119  *csh* : can't use the set command for variable larger than 21 character
s in csh
1219707  *csh* csh has a limitation on the size of a substitution string

Since 119119 has already been fixed, we can remove it from the list.

I don't see existing bugs for the two additional csh problems you mention.  
Could the
first one be related to this one, although you don't mention "stty -echoctl":

1231982 *csh*  'set filec' supersedes 'stty -echoctl' setting.
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