On Fri, 21 Apr 2006, Rainer Orth wrote:

> Karyn,
>> Sorry about that... It has been filed: 6414867.
> fine, thanks.
>> It hasn't been assigned to the appropriate category/subcategory yet,
>> which is why you can't find it on bugs.opensolaris.org.
> Ok.  I had some difficulty finding an appropriate category myself.  Btw.,
> it would be useful to have a complete overview of the
> categories/subcategories on b.o.o. somewhere and perhaps some guidelines
> which ones to use.  Right now you have to try a couple of combinations
> before you have even a chance to find the right one.

This is often a problem internally as well! :(

We're working on at least making new categories & subcategories
that come under the "solaris" umbrella to be more obvious
and fixing things whenever that area is touched, but it's
a big job to fix it all.

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