I would like a sponsor to fix bug 6269516, along with 4858191 +

Details and diffs at http://www.petertribble.co.uk/Solaris/fixes/4/

Contributor Agreement OS0019

1. 6269516

I've made the /usr/bin version accept -x, and the xpg4 version accept -d

This affects the usage message, comments, and the manpage will need to
be modified to suit.

I've enabled -o support for the xpg4 version. This makes the usage
message and the getopt statement identical, removing the need to check
if XPG4 is defined.

The differences in behaviour that still exist relate to the default
behaviour of the -r flag, and the output format.

(The bug report appears to have not been entirely cleansed of my old

2. 4858191

See also 4430296

Yes, I know it's closed, but it should be fixed. Linux and BSD support
-m, and it's very useful as filesystems grow ever larger.

(And no, -h isn't the answer - it produces scaled numbers which aren't
the same thing, and which can't be processed numerically [possibly by
tools which can't handle more than 32-bits worth].)

So I've added the m flag to the comment, usage messages, getopt, and
the output section gets an extra if.

I've also turned off the m flag if -k is given, and vice-versa. (Should
-h be handled in this manner too?)

3. Restructuring

I've defined output formats to simplify the mess of ifdefs in the
printsize() routine.

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