I would like a sponsor for 6416837 (see also 6231493).

I'm not expecting a great rush based on the response
to my other ucb fixes...

In this case I would also appreciate advice from a sponsor
as to the approach to take before I get in too deep.

I can imagine 3 approaches:

1. Cut-n-paste the missing code from /bin/ls into the
/usr/ucb/ls source. Advantages: it's easy, retains current
behaviour, and I've done it once already. Disadvantages: it
doesn't do anything to make future synchronization easier.

2. Replace /usr/ucb/ls by the /bin/ls source and modify
that to get the BSD behaviour back. Advantages: cleaner
to do, makes patching future changes easy, we pick up
other fixes that have been made to ls for free.
Disadvantages: needs more testing to ensure that old
behaviour is preserved.

3. Generate /usr/ucb/ls from the /bin/ls source using
#ifdef, rather like the xpg4 variant is created.
Advantages: only one codebase, future merges are trivial.
Disadvantages: as 2, and it involves messing with the
/bin/ls source and could be very complex to successfully
generate 3 binaries from a single source.

-Peter Tribble
L.I.S., University of Hertfordshire - http://www.herts.ac.uk/
http://www.petertribble.co.uk/ - http://ptribble.blogspot.com/

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