I'm still working on the initial email about what processes you all 
should follow in responding to these messages. Expect to see something 
by tomorrow at the latest.

In the meantime, it doesn't sound to me like this is actually a request 
for a sponsor. Does anyone want to follow up with Brian on this?



Brian Y Wong wrote:
> i was having trouble getting opensolaris to see my Intel Pro/100 VE device.  
> looked through some forums, and found that i should try adding an entry to 
> /boot/solaris/devicedb/master and /etc/device_aliases.
> added the following line to /boot/solaris/devicedb/master:
> pci8086,3020 pci8086,3020 net pci iprb.bef "Intel Pro/100 VE Ethernet"
> and the following line to /etc/driver_aliases:
> iprb "pci8086,3020"
> after doing this ran a devfsadm -C and prtconf was able to associate the 
> probed pci8086,3020 device (the Intel Pro/100 VE Ethernet device) with the 
> iprb driver.
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