After looking at it more closely again, I have an onboard Intel Pro/100 VE 
Ethernet device but since it is on a different chipset (915G) than you are 
using it has a device ID of 1064 and subsystem-id of 1028.

I added the following to /boot/solaris/devicedb/master:
pci8086,1064 pci8086,1064 net pci iprb.bef "Intel Pro/100 VE Ethernet"
and the following to /etc/driver_aliases:
iprb "pci8086,1064"
and this was already in

Everything appears correct after I do:
ifconfig iprb0 plumb
ifconfig iprb0 inet netmask
ifconfig iprb0 up

Now when I ping I get is alive, but if I try to ping there is no ping reply as if the network cable were disconnected but 
I am 100% sure the cable is fine since I can use the same network cable and 
card without touching anything in Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD but not in 
Solaris.  This is where I got stuck with the iprb driver.  Note I cannot use 
the subsystem-id like you did, because I tried that instead of the device id 
and since I have a lot more devices related to it than you created a disaster.

If this is automtically doing cc and emails, let me know where we can move the 
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