I've written some ZSH completion files, that enable users to complete
options or subcommands for OpenSolaris tools like zoneadm, pkg in ZSH shell.
It works like that: user does for example "pkg<TAB>" in ZSH shell, and he
gets list of pkg subcommands (like install search, etc). When he does "pkg
install -<TAB>" he gets list of "pkg install" options. Tools I've made
completion for are (for now): flowadm, netstat, pkg, prstat, ps, snoop,
zfs(enhanced and updated existing file), zoneadm, zpool(also updated
existing). You can download those completion files (with instructions where
to put them) from
http://www.opensolaris.org/jive/thread.jspa?threadID=105996&tstart=0 .
Is anyone interested in sponsoring this thing to go into official ZSH
release for OpenSolaris? The bug number from defect.opensolaris.org is 9657.
Cheers, Bartek.
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