Fellow Solarizens,

Sorry for the cross post, but I wasn't sure which alias might be more
appropriate.  I suspect that request-sponsor should be for putback
assistance requests only, but I believe I've seen the alias treated more
broadly as a "can-someone-with-SWAN-access" help alias so that's my excuse.
At any rate, on the smf-discuss alias, there's a thread about properties,
FRMI's, and other SMF wobbly bits.  It occurs to me that a very important
case is still closed, namely PSARC 2002/547 "Greenline".  Has anyone already
looked to see if it was possible to open this case, or if not, what would it
take?  I don't know very much about it, other than it exists and is pretty
important to the world of things SMF.  If it's an umbrella case, are there
related cases that can join the freedom ride?

While I've distracted everyone, should we create an open-me-up-please alias?
(opensolaris-caselog-liberty-bell has a nice ring to it, too).  Or is there
already such a thing and I'm too lazy to find it?

BTW, I noticed the case's alleged public status is "waiting need opinion" --
after 6 years.  Makes me feel better about the opinions I'm still due on.


On Tue, Sep 16, 2008 at 2:13 PM, James Carlson <james.d.carlson at 

> Jordan Brown writes:
> > Sorry... I was looking for the specification for the syntax of the FMRI,
> > something that says that an FMRI is
> > svc:<servicename>:<instancename>/:properties/<propgroup>/<propname>
> > or whatever it is.  The /:properties part was new to me.
> That was part of the original Greenline case -- PSARC 2002/547.
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