Yep, so this looks like a really great contest, perhaps we'll get some 
cool apps on top of OpenSolaris that we could add to the repository.


Joseph George wrote:
> The exact contest rules are here:
> And relevant parts:
>>      ?
>> THE ENTRY: The participants can choose to develop an application of  
>> their choice, which must be implemented using open source  
>> technologies and development tools. The application must be  
>> developed using either the Netbeans or Sun Studio development tools  
>> and environment. These development tools may be downloaded, without  
>> cost, at The application must also use at  
>> least two Sun open source technologies such as OpenSolaris,  
>> OpenOffice, GlassFish, MySQL, etc. A complete list of the Sun open  
>> source technologies that may be used for this Contest, along with  
>> instructions on how to download them for free is located 
>> at 
>>  (under the ?Technologies? tab). All applications along with their  
>> source code and project descriptions must be hosted in the  
>> project site.
>> Project Proposal: The participants must submit their Project  
>> Proposal during the Proposal Period (ending on December 31, 2008),  
>> which must include the participants' name, address, and contact  
>> information, University name, contact information of a faculty  
>> reference, project name and abstract, a working prototype and a  
>> presentation (with not more than 20 slides) detailing the project  
>> idea, a pointer to the project and source code repository (with  
>> version stamp) on and the names of the open source  
>> technologies used. Each Project Proposal submission will be  
>> qualified as a valid Entry after a review by the panel of judges  
>> determines, in their sole discretion, that the Entry meets the  
>> minimum submission requirements described above to participate in  
>> the contest. The participants should proceed with submitting the  
>> final project implementation only after the project proposal is  
>> approved as a qualifying entry.
>> Final Project Entry: Approved Participants must submit their Final  
>> Project Entry during the Final Project Period (ending on April 30,  
>> 2008), which must include the participants' name, University name,  
>> project name, the pointer to the project and source code repository  
>> (with version stamp) on, and a presentation (with not more  
>> than 20 slides) to demonstrate the usage and features of the final  
>> project.
>> All Entries must be in English. Registration or Entries that are in  
>> any other language will not be considered. Entries that are lewd,  
>> obscene, pornographic or disparage the Sponsor will be disqualified  
>> at the Sponsor?s sole discretion.
>>      ?
>> JUDGING: All Entries will be judged by a panel of experts based on  
>> the following judging criteria, listed in order of importance:
>> - Validity and completeness of the entries, including quality of the  
>> code
>> - Innovation and usefulness of the application developed
>> - Ease-of-use of the application
>> - Documentation provided
>> - Number of Sun open source technologies used in the implementation
>> In the event of a tie, the individual person or team among the tied  
>> Entries with the most complete and highest quality Entry will be  
>> declared the winner. The Entries will be judged fairly and strictly  
>> in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Contest, and no  
>> arbitrary grant of prizes will be made. The faculty reference will  
>> be contacted to verify the authenticity of the work before winners  
>> are announced. Decisions of judges are final and binding. Winners  
>> will be notified by email.
> ~Joe
> On Sep 24, 2008, at 6:11 PM, Bonnie Corwin wrote:
>> FYI for sponsors - we are trying to ascertain exactly what the contest
>> rules are this year and whether there will be any requests made to the
>> sponsor program.  It is well understood that last year's contest  
>> caused
>> significant problems, and we will do everything we can to make sure
>> those are not repeated.
>> Thanks.
>> Bonnie
>> On 09/23/08 06:06 PM, S h i v wrote:
>>> Last year when the contest was done in India, the limits of
>>> request-sponsor process was put to test.
>>> Sending a notification for people to take note & check if the  
>>> internal
>>> machinery is geared for similar requests as before !
>>> (just forwarding the notification & I am not in anyway involved in
>>> either the contest or the request-sponsor process)
>>> -Shiv
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>>> FYI
>>> Here's a chance to Contribute using Open Source Technologies and win
>>> loads of prizes.
>>> Contest Home Page - 
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>>> request-sponsor mailing list
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>> request-sponsor mailing list
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> request-sponsor mailing list
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