Joerg Schilling wrote:
> Bonnie Corwin <Bonnie.Corwin at Sun.COM> wrote:
>> Thanks for your interest in this code.
>> I've added this request to the table in the 'awaiting sponsor' category.
>> While waiting for a sponsor, you can get started by reading the 
>> instructions about contributing code and the ON development processes 
>> found at
> Be very careful with working on this as at least the lower third of this
> "bug-report" in completely incorrect.

Specifics, stated in the bug, would be so much better than "at least the lower 
third".  An awful lot of this bug is "the messages are too vague to be useful, 
make them more specific", which is hard to see as "completely incorrect".

> I have no idea where the bug report comes from 

It's easily seen who filed the bug.

> but hsfs of course implements 
> ISO-9660:1990. I did implement it......
> Fiddling with the related tests and messages is dangerous as these tests are
> implemented in order to make hsfs immune against rotten fsilesystem content.

If there are specific things that the bug proposes that should not be done, 
should be noted as comments in the bug.

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