I am cross posting to request-sponsor because I could not find a sponsor when 
asking on sfwnv-discuss.

I am looking for a sponsor to integrate the changes for these bugs:

6756647 pgxs / makefiles missing for 64bit postgres

6756652 sfw postgresql makefiles.sfw / install-sfw overhaul

6756648 sfw Makefile.master Pathname macro defintions cleanup

6756950 sfw postgresql uses etc directory under /usr/postgres

Webrev with diffs to sfw-src-b100-20080930 is at

For those who have reviewed rd4, the delte between rd4 and rd5 is at
http://cr.opensolaris.org/~nigoroll/postgres_misc-delta_rd4-rd5/. Please note 
that the delta webrev does not contain a reference to deleted files between rd4 
and rd5 (removed again the additional package SUNWpostgr-83-client-root).

The changes (as of rd4) have been reviewed by Zdenek.Kotala at Sun.COM and 
paul.cunningham at tadpole.com. Previous rounds had been reviewed by 
Mayuresh.Nirhali at Sun.com. Thank you all!

Here's what is to be done besides the actual integration:

- So far I have neither tested the changes on sparcv9, nor have I built packages
and installed them because tools to generate packages are not provided with 
sfwnv. Please could the sponsor do this?

- After this change is integrated, I will provide similar changes for other 
postgres versions included in sfw.


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