Unifying system administration across various Unix's is a great idea. 
What about network administration, These days networking is needed from 
the first boot.


Victor wrote:
> Hi all, I advantage this email to anounce a new project called Simple Panels. 
> Our target is developing a Control Panel for any *nix binary distro (from 
> OpenSolaris to Linux and OS X) in Python. So it is almost trivial to install 
> and configure. It aims to help newcomers to take their first steps with 
> OpenSolaris, by helping them to easily perform administration operations.
> Features:
> SimpleSVM: add, delete and modify metadevices
> SimpleZFS: add, delete and modify pools
> SimpleSMF: view, stop, start, change properties and create new services
> SimpleZones: add, delete and modify virtual zones
> State:
> SimpleSVM: in progress
> SimpleZFS: in progress
> SimpleSMF: not in progess
> SimpleZones: not in progress
> You can see a demo and download in the web project:
> http://trac.neuroomante.com/simplepanels/wiki/WikiStart
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