The OpenSolaris Test Farm build server interface is ready for use by
OpenSolaris contributors. This interface allows users to add their
own account onto a build server, where they can build OpenSolaris
software. Each user account is given it's own zfs file system with a
10 to 15 gigabyte disk quota that the user can manage. Advanced
Sparc CMT (Chip Multithreaded), Intel Quad Core and AMD Dual Core
servers are available.

Additional information is at:

The Test Farm build servers can be accessed at:

Both guest and user access levels are available. Guest access allows any
OpenSolaris user to view current test farm activities, while user access
allows OpenSolaris contributors to add and delete build server accounts.
Currently, the Test Farm has sites in Beijing, China and Broomfield,
USA. Simon Sun and Jim Walker are the site leaders.

The OpenSolaris Test Farm software is developed by the Solaris Quality
Engineering organization and the hardware is managed by the Solaris Labs
organization. The interface has been tested on firefox and safari and
also works on the iPhone :)


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