On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 6:47 AM, Jim Walker <James.Walker at sun.com> wrote:
> The OpenSolaris Test Farm build server interface is ready for use by
> OpenSolaris contributors. This interface allows users to add their
> own account onto a build server, where they can build OpenSolaris
> software. Each user account is given it's own zfs file system with a
> 10 to 15 gigabyte disk quota that the user can manage. Advanced
> Sparc CMT (Chip Multithreaded), Intel Quad Core and AMD Dual Core
> servers are available.
> Additional information is at:
> http://www.opensolaris.org/os/community/testing/testfarm/
> The Test Farm build servers can be accessed at:
> http://test.opensolaris.org/testfarm
> Both guest and user access levels are available. Guest access allows any
> OpenSolaris user to view current test farm activities, while user access
> allows OpenSolaris contributors to add and delete build server accounts.
> Currently, the Test Farm has sites in Beijing, China and Broomfield,
> USA. Simon Sun and Jim Walker are the site leaders.
> The OpenSolaris Test Farm software is developed by the Solaris Quality
> Engineering organization and the hardware is managed by the Solaris Labs
> organization. The interface has been tested on firefox and safari and
> also works on the iPhone :)
> Cheers,
> Jim

Hey! This sounds great. Sounds like I can take down my hungry Blade
2000 and Ultra 20 and rather work from a green Blade-Hundred to access
your build servers (?).
Electricity bills *are* a problem nowadays.
Do contributors like me qualify for this?

My CA id is # CA 0335

%martin bochnig
Natamar project


hg repo for upcoming distro-generator for x86/x64 and sparc:

Conary 2.0 (current hg version) subdir of it:

(contains test version of conary for SPARC)
photo:  http://visgetidentifier.blogspot.com/

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