Bart Van Assche wrote:
> Hello Garrett,
> I understand the importance of the NICDRV test, and I really would like
> to run that test, but unfortunately I do not have sufficient time to do
> this (my contract with Q-layer finishes on Friday June 20, 2008).

I can run the tests, if I can get access to hardware.  The problem is, I 
haven't got any such hardware immediately at hand.  If anyone has either 
a system they can ship me, or alternatively, I could accept remote 
access (via SSH) to a pair of systems -- one with this hardware, and one 
with some other GbE port, both running Solaris 10 or OpenSolaris, then I 
can run the tests remotely.

The configuration for such remote access would need to be:

Machine A:
    * ideally a dual core system, but a 2.0GHz or better CPU single core 
at minimum
    * one regular, non bcm5780 connection to the internet
    * a bcm5780 with a back-to-back ethernet cable to Machine B

Machine B:
    * ideally a similar CPU configuration as machine A, at least 2.0GHz 
    * one regular connection to the internet
    * one non-bcm5780 (e.g. other bge or e1000g or rge) GbE connected to 
bcm5780 of machine A

I'd need access to such a configuration for probably about 3-4 days to 
get the tests, assuming no "issues" are found during test.

    -- Garrett
> Bart.
> ----- "Garrett D'Amore" <gdamore at> wrote:
>> Bart,
>> The CRT advocate wants a more formal NICDRV test.  I'm going to try to
>> convince him that one is not needed, but if you're game, we'd really 
>> like to have a complete run done.  The URL for NICDRV is here:
>> It will take a while to run.  Meanwhile I'll try again to convince the
>> RTI advocate to let me putback your changes with the level of testing
>> that you have already performed.
>> If you have any questions about NICDRV, please let me know.  I'd like
>> to 
>> know in any case whether you're going to run the tests or not.
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