I have the patch for bug id 6586072. Requesting sponsor for the same.
My SCA Number is OS0144
Synopsis :- uu_warn_internal should be more precise in its newline detection
Category:Subcategory :- library:libuutil
change to be made in file -
link to the bug -

uu_warn_internal, used by the various forms of uu_warn and uu_die,
  checks to see if it should append the error text in the following

 96         if (strrchr(format, '\n') == NULL)
 97                 (void) fprintf(stderr, ERRNO_FMT, strerror(err));

  This, unfortunately, will cause the error text to be suppressed if
  text follows the last newline in the supplied message.  We should
  instead check that the newline is at the end of the string.

Have attached the diff and the modified file uu_pname.c

Thank you

Ashwin Bhat
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