sir ,
this is Vaibhav
  *Bug ID* 6319973  *Synopsis* svccfg should abort after a service addition
conflict  *State* 1-Dispatched (Default State)  *Category:Subcategory*
utility:smf  *Keywords* onnv_triage | oss-bite-size | smf I have tried
fixing this particular bug...i havnt run them on opensolaris.
am attaching the fixed portion of the code.
i just want to confirm
if this is fine....
   if (name != NULL)
    warn(dpt_deleted, fmri, name, d_fmri);
    return (0);

       /* case SCF_ERROR_NOT_FOUND:
 * if (name == NULL)
 * warn(deleted, fmri);
 * else
 *  warn(dpt_deleted, fmri, name, d_fmri);
 * return (0);
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