Mark> Could someone please post any open information about defect 6647203?
Mark> It appears to be a firewall occluded bug.

Mark> Even a synopsis would be helpful.

I don't think it's a firewall thing; I think it's a recently-filed, and
the-mirror-has-not-yet-been-updated thing.

* Synopsis: smf_delete_manifest() in bfu does not delete the service instance
  correctly for non-global zones

* Description: In the bfu script, smf_delete_manifest() function is used to
  delete obsolete smf services, both for global zone and non-global zones:

  smf_delete_manifest() {
                cd $root
                [ -f $mfst ] || return;
                if [ -r /etc/svc/volatile/repository_door ]; then
                        ENTITIES=`/tmp/bfubin/svccfg inventory $mfst`
                        for fmri in $ENTITIES; do
                                /tmp/bfubin/svccfg delete -f $fmri      <----
                rm $mfst

  As we can see from the above code, in the case of non-global zones,
  "svccfg delete" would try to delete the service again from the global
  zone (as bfu is running in the global zone and SVCCFG_REPOSITORY is
  not set), which is incorrect.

-- John

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