Hi Yamuna,

  From the description, this bug appears to be fixed.

  Please select a different bug.


On Sat, 5 Jan 2008 19:57 -0000, yamuna j wrote:

}I am  Yamuna Jathavedan from Amrita School of Engineering.  I am interested in
}working on bugid5023963
}I'll be submitting a fix tentatively by
}The details of the bug are as follows:
}Bug ID 5023963 
}Synopsis gzdiff, gzcmp and gzexe don't work due to set -C 
}State 1-Dispatched (Default State) 
}Category:Subcategory utility:gzip 
}Keywords oss-bite-size 
}Reported Against 5.9 
}My SCA number is OS0181
}      Unlimited freedom, unlimited storage. Get it now, on 

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