Bj?rn S wrote:
> Curious! I have a forerunner on the GA-X38-DQ6 motherboard, the GA-965P-DQ6. 
> Also with a JMicron, in this case a 20360/20363.
> For me SATA drives connected to any of the two ports handled by the JMicron 
> controllter are not detected at all (under nv70). "format" just hangs without 
> any response. Was this the case for you also?
> Under windows buth SATA drives work flawless, joined by a PATA-disk and a 
> PATA-DVD, all through JMicron. Can't have that one work better, I'm looking 
> to get away from Windows as much as possible! :)
> Got a dedicated thread for the above, if messing up this one is a bad idea:

Hi Bj?rn,

I'll join your other thread, as this mailing list is really just for 
patch contributors to find a sponsor within Sun.


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