BugId: 6604652
Link to the bug: http://bugs.opensolaris.org/view_bug.do?bug_id=6604652
Synopsis: sharemgr prints incorrect error message when sharing a
remote filesystem
Category/Subcategory: Utility/filesystem
Changes to be made in the file usr/src/lib/libshare/nfs/libshare_nfs.c
I have attached the diff

Me and Rajath shanbag request a sponsor for the bug
SCA Numbers:
Ashwin Bhat - OS0144
Rajath SHanbag - OS0177


The "non-global zone" error message was incorrect. The correct one
should be something like "Cannot share remote filesystem: /mnt".

this is  because of the wrong statement in the function nfs_enable_share():

        case EREMOTE:
                (void) printf(dgettext(TEXT_DOMAIN,
                    "NFS: Cannot share filesystems "
                    "in non-global zones: %s\n"), path);
               err = SA_NOT_SUPPORTED;

Ashwin Bhat K S
Rajath Shanbag
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