Hello Rejeesh,

Thanks for your interest in contributing to Open HA Cluster.

I will be happy to be your sponsor for this bug fix (6466474).

Please subscribe to 'ha-clusters-discuss at opensolaris.org' if you want
to discuss or have any questions regarding Open HA Cluster.

Regarding this bug fix, I will discuss the details with you offline.


Thorsten Frueauf wrote:
> Hi Rejeesh et al,
> thanks for considering to contribute to Open HA Cluster!
> The HA Cluster community will assign a sponsor to your request as soon
> as possible. Due to the Christmas and New Year holidays this might take
> some time.
> The sponsor will then guide you through the formal process necessary.
> Meanwhile you can already start to work on this CR and discuss technical
> aspects on the HA Clusters discuss list: 
> ha-clusters-discuss at opensolaris.org
> If not already subscribed, you can do this at
> http://mail.opensolaris.org/mailman/listinfo/ha-clusters-discuss
> Feel free to ask on that list for any more questions you might have.
> Greets
>        Thorsten
> Rejeesh Nath wrote:
>> hi  all,
>>  I would like to request a sponsor for *bug 6466474*
>> * Bug ID : 6466474*
>>  *Synopsis* : SAP enq server resource creation throws a warning 
>> message in syslog for Retry_Interval=0  Full name : Rejeesh Nath
>>  Number assigned to my Sun Contributor Agreement :*OS0186*
>>  *BUG Description:*
>>  With the change in Retry_Interval computation, there would be a 
>> warning message logged in syslog if the default Retry_Interval is less 
>> than the computed value of    (Thorough_Probe_Interval+Probe_timeout) 
>> * Retry_Count. This happens while creating the any data service 
>> resource. In case of ha-sapenq, currently, the value of 
>> Retry_Count=0    and it is mentioned that it can only be changed if 
>> the Replica server is not running.
>>  snip from RTR file:
>> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
>>  # Retry_Count must be 0 if SAP replica Server is also running. If SAP
>>  # enqueue server is running without Replica Server, Retry_Count can be
>>  # set to non-zero.
>>  #
>>  {
>>         PROPERTY = Retry_Count;
>>         MAX = 2;
>>         DEFAULT = 0;
>>         TUNABLE = ANYTIME;
>>  }
>>  {
>>         PROPERTY = Retry_Interval;
>>         MAX = 3600;
>>         DEFAULT = 960;
>>         TUNABLE = ANYTIME;
>>  }
>>  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
>>  Based on the warning message, that is proposed to be the solution for 
>> 6463264, user might change the value of Retry_Count when replica 
>> server is running. In order to avoid this,  validate method should 
>> handle this by not letting the user change this parameter when replica 
>> server is running.
>>  here is the note from the Admin guide:
>> "The default value of the Retry_count system property for the SAP
>> enqueue server is 0. This value ensures that the SAP enqueue server
>> fails over after the first failure. If replication is running, do not
>> modify this default value because enqueue locks would be lost. When
>> replication is in operation and the Enqueue server is restarted, even on
>> the same node, the locks are no longer valid. "
>> In the validate method if the retry_count is not '0' then we
>> should throw a warning message which will be the text described above.

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