we want to work on the following bugs:-

*  **CrNumber**     Synopsis
                 **Category**     **SubCategory*
*5023963     gzdiff, gzcmp and gzexe don't work due to set -C
solaris utility     gzip Defect

XXX above scf_handle_get_local_scope macro should go  solaris utility  smf

 6211054        svcs -x might miss reasons
        solaris utility   smf

SCA:- At present we dont have the SCA no. but we are in the process to get

Date of submission:-We are likely to submit it by 25th january 2008.


1. Name:- Manita Kumari

E-mail id:- manitanever2lookback at gmail.com

2. Name:- Arun Kumar

E-mail id:- arun_jitm at yahoo.co.in
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