I have already sent you the diff output but I think the following will be
more correct with the same effect.
Please check it.

 *SCA Number:OS 0191*

My open solaris user id is : krishna.

*BUG ID : 6207957*

*SYNOPSIS:* uu_list_find() leaves error unset when successfully returning


If uu_list_find() is called on a list which doesn't have a comparison

function, then it sets the uu_error() to UU_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED and

returns NULL.  NULL is also the return value for when uu_list_find()

completes successfully, but didn't find anything.  If the uu_error()

happened to be UU_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED before uu_list_find() was

called, then there's no way for the caller to know whether the function

completed successfully.

*CATEGORY:* library




--- uu_list.c.orig      Tue Oct  2 19:44:01 2007
+++ uu_list.c   Sat Jan 12 13:16:31 2008
@@ -316,7 +316,7 @@
        int sorted = lp->ul_sorted;
        uu_compare_fn_t *func = lp->ul_pool->ulp_cmp;
        uu_list_node_impl_t *np;
+       uu_set_error(UU_ERROR_NONE);
        if (func == NULL) {
                if (out != NULL)
                        *out = 0;


Looking forward to hear from you

*Thanking you sir*

*Krishnakumar D.*
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