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I would like to submit a new project request and hopefully get a sponsor.

Project Name: 
HAR (Hardware Activity Reporter)

Project Description

 The goal of this project is to develop a performance monitoring tool 
 that samples hardware counters in the system (primarily cpu counters, 
 but could extend to bus counters) to produce higher-level metrics (eg, 
 mips, flops, cache miss, stall rate, bus utilization) which can guide 
 a bottleneck analysis and performance tuning process. There exists a 
 first release of HAR, developed internally at Sun, that only looks at 
 cpu counters and supports currently only UltraSPARC1-4 (not 4+) & 
 Pentium3 systems. The open-sourcing of the existing HAR code has been 
 approved by Sun. There are a few users of HAR out there that keep 
 asking for newer releases (eg eBay) and support for recent hardware. 
 The purpose of open-sourcing HAR is to provide a proper place for the 
 continued development & dissemination of HAR. The primary task will be 
 to port HAR to Solaris 10 and libcpc2 so Niagara, AMD and modern Intel 
 processors can be supported.

 Related Projects

 There are no known related projects or dependencies. HAR will build 
 directly on top of libcpc2 for accessing cpu counters. Access to bus 
 counters has not been researched yet.

Current Team

We are already 3 engineers working on this subject

Amir Javanshir
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