Respected sir,
 We (Parvathy S(OS0180) and Sindhu Vidyasagar (OS0213))  were working on the 
bug with bug id 6211054.
Description :
 print_dependency_reasons() in svcs/explain.c has

   1576         for (spp = uu_list_first(svcp->causes);
   1577             spp != NULL && spp->svcp != svcp;
   1578             spp = uu_list_next(svcp->causes, spp)) {
   1579                 determine_summary(spp->svcp);

I think the while clause might be wrong, and maybe should be

        for (spp = uu_list_first(svcp->causes);
            spp != NULL;
            spp = uu_list_next(svcp->causes, spp)) {
                if (spp->svcp == svcp)


If so, then svcs -x might miss reasons after the self-pointer 
We made the necessary changes and we here by attach the modified file.

Waiting for your reply,
With regards,
Parvathy S,
Sindhu Vidyasagar.

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