*name1*: Vinay Simha.B.N
email id: simhavcs at gmail.com
*name2*:  Beeresh.G
email-id: beeresh at gmail.com

Bug ID Number1 : *6569630*
synopsis:  Vi cannot append text to named buffers
category : *utility
s*ubcategory : *editor
*description : In Single Unix Specification version 2 and 3 vi is required
that if a named buffer is specified with an upper-case letter, then      the
text from a yank or delete command is appended to that buffer instead of
replacing it.*
Bug ID Number2 : *6604676*
synopsis:  /bin/sh cannot recorgnize the wildcard on the last directory
while it end with '/'
category : *not mentioned
s*ubcategory : *not mentioned
*description : If the path has wildcard in the last part and end with '/',it
cannot be recorgnized by /bin/sh.. *

tentative date: *31-01-02008*

sca number(s):* OS0227,OS0225*


Vinay Simha.B.N.
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