I abhilash and arjun, Students of amrita university would lioke to work on the 
bug  6604652. My sca number is oso183 and arjuns is oso211. 

The synopsis is

 See the following log:

bash-3.00# mount installtest:/export /mnt
bash-3.00# share /mnt
NFS: Cannot share filesystems in non-global zones: /mnt
Could not share: /mnt: operation not supported
bash-3.00# zonename

The "non-global zone" error message was incorrect. The correct one
should be something like "Cannot share remote filesystem: /mnt".

This seems to be caused by a copy-and-paste typo in the following
code in nfs_enable_share():

        case EREMOTE:
                (void) printf(dgettext(TEXT_DOMAIN,
                    "NFS: Cannot share filesystems "
                    "in non-global zones: %s\n"), path);
               err = SA_NOT_SUPPORTED;


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